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Deck Staining

Now servicing Tampa and Surrounding Areas 

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Deck Staining Services

Our professional painting company is dedicated to pleasing our customers, where we are never satisfied until the customer is 100% satisfied. We specialize in professionally staining decks, where we always are happy to help you pick the best deck stain color for your deck

Our Process

  • First the customer sets up a free no obligation estimate, where our company will then help with scheduling a time to set up when we will come to start the project

  • Then our company helps with color consultations, where we help the customer pick from the best deck stain colors for their deck that best suites them 

  • Next our company comes in to power wash and prep the entire deck and its surroundings, where we cover everything with drop cloths and plastic, as well as tape anything needed for clean cut lines. 

  • Next we scrape, caulk and sand the structure to make it perfect before we stain the deck.

  • Lastly our professional deck stainers come in to stain the entire , where it isn’t finished until the customer is completely happy

What to know when picking deck stain colors

  • When picking a deck stain color, one must realize that the darker the color of paint chosen for a deck typically means that the quicker the deck will need to be stained again. Darker deck stain colors like grey deck stain or dark brown deck stain absorb sunlight much more easily than lighter deck stain colors, causing the stain to deteriorate much quicker. Another thing to take into account is that since darker deck stain colors absorb more sunlight that means that if you decide to walk on this surface barefoot it may be hotter to the touch compared to choosing a lighter color light light blue deck stain

Deck Stain Color Ideas 

  • Typically the deck stain colors that last the longest are always the lighter colors, due to the fact that they absorb less sunlight. This overall helps to preserve the coat of deck stain on the deck much longer than a darker color of deck stain would. 

Deciding between a Deck Paint or Deck Stain

  • Also before staining a deck you should know that if you do decide to try choose to stain your deck when it has already painted, that the stain won't adhere to the deck because of the paint and the project will be ruined. If a deck has been painted a deck stain can't be put on the deck in the future unless all of the previous paint gets stripped, which can be very expensive. Always remember that you paint over a stain, you can never stain something that has been painted. Staining something over with another stain is okay, but staining over a deck paint will likely cause your project to be ruined as deck stain won't adhere to your deck 

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